Using Personification in Fiction

Legends of Windemere

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I’m going to touch on two things this week: PERSONIFICATION and ANTHROPOMORPHISM.  These two literary tactics get mixed up a lot because they’re very similar.  Even the image above isn’t giving the full story.  So, let’s start with the first one.  What is Personification?

Simply put, Personification is when a non-human demonstrates human qualities.  This could be an animal or object.  It doesn’t even have to actually demonstrate the quality, but be given it by the author or another character.  Betting everyone has something in their head right now, but we’ll see if it’s this or Wednesday’s topic.

Personification is fairly easy to figure out and common.  So much so that it gets taught in K-12 programs while anthropomorphism isn’t touched on.  This might be another reason the two are treated as one and the same.  It’s simply easier to say every non-human with a human trait…

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One thought on “Using Personification in Fiction

  1. Nice article. I think personification is useful when trying to push how significant something is to the story. Like the examples you’ve given, if I used one of them it would be a prelude to something in my story. Or during an action scene or a scene of again importance to my story.

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