Stand Together- Poetry & Prose for Ukraine

Legends of Windemere

An eclectic collection of poetry and short prose for Ukraine. Poetry about war, warriors, hope, and sunflowers; multi-genre stories, featuring work from:

A. L. Butcher
Roman Nyle
Charles Yallowitz
Vickie Johnstone
Andrew P. Weston
Rebecca Miller
Michael H. Hanson
Charles Yallowitz
Victoria Zigler
Joe Bonadonna
Richard Groller
Andrew P. Weston
Vickie Johnstone
Anthea Sharp
Marta Moran Bishop
Colene Allen
J.C. Fields
A.L. Butcher & Diana. L. Wicker
Inge – Lise Goss
Sean Poage
Rebecca Lacy

Donations from the sale of this book will support a Ukraine charity.

So, this is a project forged by A.L. Butcher, which I submitted some poems to a few weeks (months?) back.  How could I say no, especially since the poems were sitting around?  Nice to have some of my tinkering work become useful.  You can find Stand Together on several platforms, but here is a universal link that lists them all:


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