Poetry Day: Atrophied Imagination

A powerful poem from Charles…

Legends of Windemere

Carl Sagan Quote (Supposedly. Internet isn’t always honest.)

(Ouch.  This one hits pretty hard on the nose.  Apparently, I wrote this in 2011.)

Do you remember your power?

The childhood ability

To dream of the impossible

And bring it to life

Friends with no substance

Explanations beyond science

Reality was nothing more than clay

This power was the source of fun

And the push for our ambition

Defiance in the face of adults

Who swore it had no purpose

Because they had forgotten

That they once held the power too

As time went on many lost it

Like a muscle that is never used

Our power shriveled and weakened

Crippled by the horror of adulthood

Our friends of fiction vanish

Leaving behind a misty memory

That we call childhood foolishness

We have moved on to the ‘real’ world

Letting our great power die

No longer remembering its joy

Becoming the…

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