New Release: Killer In The Dark

Dan Alatorre

The latest in Jett Thacker psychological thriller series is here! Killer In The Dark.

Garb your copy now, in ebook, paperback or hard cover.


A young woman dies in a brutal nighttime attack, and all signs indicate her killer was a Florida panther – an endangered species that hasn’t killed a human in more than 70 years.

When a second attack occurs in the same manner, the locals go into an uproar.

News of the killer panther will ruin the tourist season and devastate their businesses. Parents won’t let their kids play in the backyard.

But only 150 of the elusive panthers exist in the entire state, so they probably can’t really be responsible for the deaths…

So what is?

The teeth and claw marks on the bodies are irrefutable.

A third attack puts police authorities at odds with conservationists. The deaths occurred on…

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