The Dangers of Intemperance.

Kalin Adwell, the only person to smack Maljie in the face with a sodden rag – and live…

Tallis Steelyard

I’m not sure it was intemperance as much as youthful enthusiasm. But still, I heard somebody preach about intemperance and used Kalin Adwell as an example. The preacher gave a covert glance at Maljie as they mentioned the name, but she didn’t even snort.

Kalin Adwell hadn’t been seen in Port Naain for some time, but he was still remembered. At the shrine we had had a money raising event. A summer fete, held on Exegesis Square. We had all the usual things, we started with pretty children singing to delight their grandparents. Then there was catching the greasy mott, a foot race where all the competitors had to wear unsuitable shoes, fortune tellers, a sedan chair race, and much more. But one event dreamed up for the occasion was throwing sodden cloths at the incumbent who was in a set of stocks.

This didn’t elicit the enthusiasm that we…

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