3 Bestsellers Secrets – By Keri-Rae Barnum…

on New Shelves:

Everyone wants to become a bestselling author. It may not be your top priority, but I’m willing to bet you would be thrilled if it happened.

Hitting bestseller status is not only validating as a writer, but it’s a great way to spike your revenue as an author. Bonus points if you have a backlist of titles, because hitting bestseller with one book can increase your sales on your other titles as well.

There are several bestseller lists to aim for ranging from the relatively ease of a category bestseller on Amazon to heavy hitters like the New York Times. And yes, indie authors make the bestseller lists every day not only on Amazon but also on Barnes & Noble, USA Today and even the New York Times.

In this article we are going delve into the secrets of how authors can optimize their chances of landing that coveted title: Bestseller.

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