A Little Under The Weather.

A tale with several points 😂

Tallis Steelyard

There is much to be said for resolve. Some people see opportunities float gently past and cannot even stir themselves to reach out to grab them. Others see even the intimation of a chance and immediately pounce, pulling it down and wrestling it into submission without a suggestion of reticence.

Purely by chance I have seen two examples of this sort of forward behaviour. Maljie was somewhat under the weather. Indeed after careful examination by a wide selection of doctors, veterinarians and one undertaker who wandered in to the consultation. It appears that he had not unreasonably assumed that the sheer number of medical practitioners involved indicated that their victim was in terminal decline.

Eventually it was agreed that an operation was needed, and this would be both technically complicated and potentially serious. Obviously we sprang into action. Laxey would ensure Maljie got safely to and from the operation. Other…

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