The World’s Happiest Animal: The Quokka

Legends of Windemere

Hello again for another animal.  This one is the ‘World’s Happiest Animals’ because they always seem to be smiling.  They aren’t afraid of people either, so there’s a trend to get a selfie with them.  Of course, they live in Australia, so you can’t do it that easily unless you’re a local.  What are they?

The Quokka

Now, this is a type of wallaby, which means they’re a marsupial.  They are considered vulnerable for the following reasons:

  • Loss of habitat
  • Mostly the introduction of dogs, cats, and foxes to their habit.  These aren’t their normal predators, so these animals have weakened their populations.  Foxes are apparently the biggest issue for them.

Here’s a site with more info.  QUOKKA!

Since they’re a type of wallaby, they’re a subspecies themselves.  So I won’t have different types.  Means more pictures of them in general.  Enjoy.  (All images found in Google Image Searc.)


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