#MondayMeme – #MondayBlogs – #AmWriting – #Humor

Thanks to, Marcia, for these funnies 😂

The Write Stuff

A few writing-related goodies that might make you smile.
We’ll start with a reminder. (Just for you, Mae!)

And there you have it for this Monday morning!
Hope you got a laugh or two!

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6 thoughts on “#MondayMeme – #MondayBlogs – #AmWriting – #Humor

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this today, Chris. I’m so glad some of your followers enjoyed these. ( I had fun going through my folders and picking out an assortment I thought might work.) Glad you enjoyed them enough to pass them along! 😀 ❤

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  2. “Hope you got a laugh or two!”

    As always Chris! :> Someday, just before I go TOTALLY senile, I’d like to go through all the stuff I’ve save from you and select the best of the best, print them to appropriate size, and wallpaper an entire little cubical room with them! (I’m thinking bathroom… but the line outside during parties would be tough to deal with! :> )

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