The Fastest Land Animal Needs Help: The Cheetah

Legends of Windemere

The cheetah can run from 50-80 MPH.  It’s synonymous with speed, which is where many people stop thinking about them.  Unfortunately, they’re also very endangered.  I remember being told that this was because they suffered from a lot of inbreeding, which is what I stuck with for a while.  Yet, you have to wonder at some point why they are in that position.  What caused cheetahs to have such a limited gene pool?

Well, humans:

  • Poaching and hunting, including cubs being sold as exotic pets.
  • Habitat destruction
  • Killed by farmers because cheetahs can’t thrive in reserves.  The reason for this is because reserves have condensed populations, the cheetahs would end up being ‘trapped’ with larger predators who kill their cubs.  This would be lions, leopards, and hyenas.  So, cheetahs mostly live in unprotected areas, which means they’re threatened by farmers protecting their livestock and poachers.

Something to consider is that…

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