Properly brought up

Meet the indefatigable and unsinkable – Madam Haren …

Tallis Steelyard

Madam Celeria Haren had been properly brought up. She had, in her youth, attended Dame Ralash’s school for ‘young maidens of humble family up to the age of thirteen.’ Thus and so, this is how she had entered my life. She was a generation older than my lady wife, but when Shena had decided to become a Mud Jobber, she needed some funds. Dame Ralash had no hesitation. She ran a beady mental eye down the list of ‘old girls’ she had committed to memory and after barely a moment’s thought commended Shena to Madam Haren.

Now it so happened that Madam Haren was married to Master Thalwittle Haren, who was a minor partner of the usurer Sinian Var. Sinian Var, was, in his day, reputed to be the wealthiest usurer in Port Naain. He had very few clerks, those who were at all competent were promoted to junior partners…

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