Announcing — Dead of Winter: Journey 13, The Harbor

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Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Shipwreck in Stormy Seas Claude-Joseph Vernet wikipediaBackground for “Journey 13, The Harbor”

The Penultimate Journey Is Here!

Dead of Winter: Journey 13, The Harbor

I never intended to do much writing when I decided to convert this epic novel into an Amazon series of monthly novelettes.  It was already plenty long. Now the total is more than 1,140 pages and 248,700 words.  Plus, nearly all of the concluding Journey 14 will be new material.

Anyway, Journey 13 gave me the opportunity to highlight some of the characters who haven’t gotten as much attention.  The prologue features Tahira, the older member of the Society of Deae Matres.  Gethin, the horse whisperer, gets another part.  Also, the goddesses get further developed.

As most of you know, I call the installments “journeys,” because the characters travel across the complex world I built, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. After this one there’s only one…

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