Supermarket Car-Park Syndrome

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The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Let’s zoom in a little closer shall we?

Two hundred yards of ringed moorings, half or perhaps two-thirds of a mile of other moorings, all empty save for the Cardinal. So where do these… persons… think would be a wonderful place to drop anchor? Yep – bow to bow. They even worked hard at it to manoeuvre themselves into that position, it was no accident!

I know full well that the only stretch of canal that I can lay claim to (and then only temporarily) is the 57′ 4″ that the Cardinal occupies, but well really. It’s January and as you can see, space is not exactly at a premium!

What are they? Insecure? Lonely? Expecting to benefit from shared body-heat?

Not even stern to stern but bow to ruddy bow, so that the principle view from my desk is their harlequin-pattern cratch board and 2,500w tunnel light.

Sheesh. In…

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8 thoughts on “Supermarket Car-Park Syndrome

  1. Mr Ape – I thank you indeed for sharing this, tis much appreciated. Now that the tin mine has closed books and photographs are my main source of income, without which at least three of the children would need to be disowned each day for two weeks. I’ve already given several of the maids notice. 🙂

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