National Word Nerd Day

S C Richmond

9th January 2022.

Time to celebrate. Today is word nerd day, a perfect day to encourage writers and bloggers to learn a few new or revive a few old words.

The history of this day has been shamelessly stolen from the National Day page.

Humans have communicated since we first walked on Earth, though our early language was nowhere near as complex as the systems of words we use today. Once, our basic vocabulary range was no different from that of great apes, but as we advanced, so did our language.

With developments in our lifestyle, we needed to be able to name things, communicate ideas, and express ourselves to aid our advancement. Words and language became increasingly important, yet it took many centuries until they were considered important enough to document.

During the medieval period, the written word was considered a luxury, with only the rich or the anointed…

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