You can have too much mulled wine.

Meet, Talcin, another denizen of Port Naain 😃

Tallis Steelyard

It was Maljie who spoke those words, and I tend to agree with her. In her case it was an observation, spoken as we watched yet another mendicant struggle to pull him or herself upright, having crawled across the refectory floor to the heavy table at the front from which the wine had been served. Yet even as she spoke the tale of Sophie Ganal came to mind.

Sophie was one of those young ladies who was never entirely satisfied. Whatever it was, it was good enough for now, but future iterations would have to be better. She had a gentleman admirer, a fellow called Talcin, who was something in lady’s small clothes. I remember discussing him with Shena. She described him as the most feared man in the city. I begged leave to doubt this. After all I could list a score of racketeers, murderers, slavers and similar. But…

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