Meanwhile, in UK…

13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in UK…

  1. Don’t think this one doesn’t apply on my side of the Pond, too. Every single day, the latest info is different from the day before, and each deliverer of the news has a totally different take on what should be done next, and how stupid those who don’t agree with them are. Since it’s obvious they don’t really KNOW what to do about any of this, why don’t they just SHUT UP??? Ooops. Did I raise my voice just then??? Sorry. I’ll go away now. (But I’m saving this wonderful and totally “spot on” image!)

    Thanks for sharing, Chris! 😊💖😊

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  2. And another statement from a leader of the opposition saying the government should be doing something different (whatever direction the restrictions go in). Then spokespersons saying the NHS/schools/businesses should be given more money, in the same news rehash that argues that taxes shouldn’t have gone up to pay for it all. (Fairy Godmother, where are you?)

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