Today is World Braille Day

K Morris - Poet

Today (4 January) is World Braille Day,

I have been a braille user since approximately 5 years of age.

Braille is made by punching dots into paper or other materials. For example, when you next go shopping you may well come across braille on bottles of bleach or other cleaning products. In addition, many medications now have braille labels enabling people such as myself to identify them.

As a child who was unable to read print, braille was one of the main ways in which I accessed the printed word. I can still remember the first fully contracted (grade 2 braille) book I read. It was entitled The Story of Pets, and being able to access it independently of sighted assistance gave me a profound sense of achievement.

Despite the massive advances in technology (for instance the availability of text to speech on almost all titles in the…

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9 thoughts on “Today is World Braille Day

    • Thanks for liking my post, Patty. I am surprised (given the Americans with Disabilities Act) that products don’t have braille labels on them. I hope this changes. Having said that, it can be somewhat hit and miss here in the UK. Many varities of bleach have braille on them. However the bathroom cleaner in a spray bottle in my cupboard is not labelled in braille. Best wishes. Kevin

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      • Hi Kevin. I hope you’ll forgive me for being sinical. The US ADA honestly has miles and wheels to go before it sleeps. We cannot even get them to make our money accessible. Oh, we have apps and junk to read a bill but we are behind in so many things it is unreal.

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        • I am sorry to hear that, Patty. The Equalities Act (into which the Disability Discrimination Act has been incorporated) is by no means perfect. However, it has led to improvements in access to goods and services and some improvements in employment for disabled people. There is still much work to be done, but the situation is better than it was prior to the introduction of the legislation. Best wishes. Kevin

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          • Hi Kevin, I surely don’t want to give the impression that things aren’t better for us than they were before the ADA came into being but we do have some huge obstacles which cause me a headache in some seriously annoying ways sometimes.

            I feel for every four steps we take forward we take 8 steps back sometimes.

            But I continue working toward a brighter tomorrow if not for myself than for those who shall come after.

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