Welcome to the Magic Soup Shop!

Fancy a change of diet?

Legends of Windemere


As the sign said, welcome to the soup shop. I’m Stanley and everything you see on the menu is my own design. You want to request your own? Sorry, but we’re not one of your fancy Olde Shoppes. We were supposed to be, but I came up with a better idea. Yeah, that does seem to be a trend lately. Take a look at the menu. Feel free to ask if we have anything you don’t see because we’re always adding to it. Why do the descriptions look like they belong to potions? Because our soups are potions. Had a wee bit of an oopsie on the business license, so our potions have to be in soup form. Enjoy.

  • Chicken Soup– Grants the ability of flight. Due to chicken limitations, it is VERY limited flight.
  • Tomato Soup- Clears diseases and improves skin, but turns customer red.
  • Matzo…

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