Schools of Magic in a Nutshell . . . Maybe

Legends of Windemere

Schools of Magic

There are many schools of magic in fantasy.  For those who don’t know what that means, a school of magic is an area of expertise.  Most spellcasters take one and work within that area for their entire life.  They’ll branch out a bit at times or eventually evolve into a powerful being who uses everything including God Tier spells.  Anyway, we’re just going to go through a silly list of schools with brief explanations for those who aren’t sure or wish to have a laugh:

  • Divination–  I can see things others can’t and end up telling fortunes at some point in my career.
  • Conjuration–  I can call things to me or send them away like a magical Postal System.
  • Summoning–  Like above, but it’s usually me calling a monster to kill people.
  • Protection–  Shields, barriers, wards . . . They all mean the…

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