A carouse of poets

Tallis introduces some of his fellow poets 😃

Tallis Steelyard

There is a discussion, I suppose it has rumbled on for some time, as to what is the correct collective noun for poets. In all candour, I feel that there is no group less deserving of a collective noun, but still my opinion carries little weight in these matters. Some have suggested, ‘a usage of poets’, which lacks all merit. Others have suggested a ‘rhyme of poets’ which I would dismiss instantly as trite beyond bearing. The term a ‘gang of poets’ does have a certain verisimilitude, given the nature of some of my colleagues who would unhesitatingly mug you for a half competent verse. Others have suggested an ‘obscurity of poets.’ To my thinking this is too close to the bone to pass as wit, and any laughter tends to be bitter.

If I had been asked, I would merely have pointed at this picture that Chris drew my…

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