The Massive Monster Mart

BIG Sale on, over at Charles’ place 😱

Legends of Windemere

Monster Size Chart from D&D

Welcome to our island chain store.  Yes, I know we only have one island, but there are hundreds across the world.  You can’t create giant monsters in city limits or the suburbs without getting into trouble.  Best to keep them isolated and let the customer be responsible for all damages.  Oh, sign this waiver before we begin.  It’s exactly what you think it is and more.

Now, here is our size list.  We don’t sell anything smaller than a two-story house, which doesn’t count tall hair or horns.  It’s from sole of the foot to top of the skull, so anything over that isn’t included in the size.  Of course, putting too much on the head of even one of our creatures will cause balance issues.  Not to mention the neck snapping and we don’t provide refunds after the final sale.  I see you’re on…

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