The wonder of the dance

If Istri can impress an Urlan, you can guess how deadly a dancer she is 😱

Tallis Steelyard

People have commented that I haven’t mentioned Istri. Was this an intentional oversight on my part? Of course not, it’s just that Istri has always been there. Istri dances. She has done so for as long as anybody can remember. Every morning, early, she appears on the Old Esplanade and dances her dance.

I remember watching her with an Urlan who was in the city for the hunting (in his case, gorlix, not men). He thought her dance was a version of one of the old ‘dances at arms’, done well but danced with grace, not power. He also commented that when you enter into the dance, you lose yourself and become one with the movements. You cease to think, you just know. Apparently, when done properly, one of these war dances can be very calming and can centre a person. Thus from an Urlan perspective, they have the advantage…

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