The prickings of conscience

Conscience is a matter of perspective… 🤔

Tallis Steelyard

One of the advantages of a life of penury is that your conscience is unlikely to complain when you finally manage to put food on the table. A conscience that finally has its mouth full is strangely muted. Thus my conscience is remarkably flexible in certain areas.

There was the case of the missing brisket. I was walking through Schooner’s View square and turned down Butchers’ Walk. Several butchers have their stalls there and I was immediately drawn to the commotion coming from one of them. Two women, housekeepers by their dress, where both tugging on the same horrocks brisket. As I approached it appeared that they had both spotted this truly excellent joint at the same time and had both made a grab for it.

The butcher was remonstrating with them but to no avail. So I adopted my most magisterial demeanour and asked what the problem was.


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