Dog Language

In case you need to know 🐶


We all know that dogs can’t talk, but instead have their ways to show us how they are feeling. Using posture, tail movements, and occasionally barking. We can often manage to translate a lot of that into understanding their moods or desires.

I found these three graphics on Pinterest, and they all seem to agree on what our best friends are trying to ‘say’. I recognise so much of this from Ollie, and if you have a pet dog, or have ever owned one, I am sure you will find it familiar too.

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4 thoughts on “Dog Language

  1. A few months ago, I took my 2 girl puppies to be spayed. Neither had been in a car before. I was riding with the person who had arranged the low-cost spay and she had my girls in cages to prevent possible fights with her girls. My little Lurcher Mutt was so frightened she was salivating and her eyes looked terrified . I felt horrible for her.

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