One of My Approaches to Writing Memoir – Guest Post by Ronald Macka…

Memoir writing, short or long, inevitably means reflecting on one’s past. Nostalgia, like laughter, can be infectious and stimulate in us feelings of wellbeing.

We enjoy the bittersweetness of remembering a cherished person, place, or event. The memoryconjured up tends to be more sweet than bitter.

Nostalgia involves memories that we still hold dear, and cherished memories can be redemptive.

However, some of my most persistent memories are more puzzling than redeeming. They bear the weight of what I have come to call “unresolved significance”. They haunt me precisely because they are both compelling and bewildering.

Such memories can be distant in time or recent, but they lodge uneasily in my mind. They persist, leaving me disquieted because their significance lies just beyond my reach.

Fortunately, Ive discovered a way of addressing such unresolved memories. In the interview that follows, I explain how.

Ronald Mackay

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