Daughter of Monster Maker Fun: Donated by The Story Reading Ape and L. Marie #October #Monsters

Great descriptions of six unique monsters ūüėĪ

Legends of Windemere

Yahoo Image Search

Got some fun ones today!  First, we have 3 creatures based on the words brought to me by Chris the Story Reading Ape.


As you can tell from the name, this is a special type of bird.  It has very small feathers around most of its body.  The exceptions are three foot plumes on top of its head and barbed scales on its feet.  Woosterbirds are no bigger than an average chicken, which is what many mistake them for.  Instead of pecking and scratching for food, they rapidly dig their feet into the soil to catch insects on the barbs.  This habit is why farmers keep a flock of Woosterbirds.  While their meat is sour and their eggs are toxic, they act as natural tillers for the fields.  Males, distinguished by more colorful plumage, take on a role as sentry animal as well.  They will…

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