5 Ways Your Story Hurts Your Novel – By Janice Hardy…

on Writers in the Storm:

When your technical writing skills are at a professional level, but you’re still not getting bites from agents, editors (or readers if you self-publish), it’s time to look at the story itself.

One of the more frustrating aspects of being an author is the sheer unfairness of publishing. There’s a strange and unfathomable ratio between good writing and good storytelling that sends some manuscripts to the reject pile and others to the bestseller list.

And nobody knows what that ratio is—worse, it’s different for each person, and even each genre.

“Great writing” isn’t enough, and we’ve all read books that aren’t well written but still sold millions of copies.

Now, I’m certainly NOT saying that good writing skill isn’t something to worry about or work toward. Just that these “badly written best sellers” resonated with readers on such a deep level that they didn’t care about the technical craft of the text. They didn’t read them to marvel at the skills of the authors, they read them for the stories.

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