Anthropodermic bibliopegy

Poets in Port Naain were not always tolerated 😱 (PLUS a NEW RELEASE) 😃

Tallis Steelyard

“A lecherous sunrise flaunted itself over a flatulent sea, ripping the obsidian bodice of night asunder with its rapacious fingers of gold, thus exposing her dusky bosom to the dawn’s ogling stare.”

Thus I declaimed those famed words of Stud Uval, one of the greatest poets and writers ever to dwell in Port Naain. For numberless centuries, every ten years, the poets of this city have celebrated our liberation from tyranny. In all candour one could number the centuries but I confess I have forgotten how many have passed since the event we celebrate.

When the last Castellan of the fallen Dreen Dynasty took his forces south to join in the wars to pick a successor, the great keep in Port Naain, the ‘Old King’s Shackles’ was occupied by lesser men. Petty tyrants all of them, but not necessarily warriors. Warriors they could hire. Many of our Tyrants were men…

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