Wednesday Writing — A #Review Exercise & “Yay!” to No Facilities

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Welcome everyone. I’m not just sharing a review. I’m sharing a terrific example of writing outside your comfort zone. Dan Antion at No Facilitiesis always saying that he is not comfortable writing reviews. He rose to the challenge. That makes his post even more important to me. For someone who doesn’t think he’s good at reviews… well, it’s very well done, for anybody, seasoned reviewer or not.

Dead of Winter 8 Characters promo by TeaganDead of Winter 8 Featured Characters by Teagan

Great reviews are like oxygen for authors. By great, I don’t mean well composed — I mean highly favorable.Chris Graham did a wonderful post with tips and ideas for people who don’t feel comfortable writing reviews. I don’t think of myself as a good reviewer. I’ve referred back Chris’s post several times. Simply mentioning one thing you liked about a book is enough.

I know many of…

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