The new ‘latest thing.’

Fashion works in mysterious ways in Port Naain 😱

Tallis Steelyard

I realise that fashion has to exist. Well so I am reliably informed. After all if it didn’t, then people could just buy clothes when the ones they current possess are worn out beyond decent repair. Not only that but if there wasn’t fashion, those who produce the ‘classics’ would no longer have their niche because at that point everything would be classic.

But when it comes to fashions and fads in the arts I am less forgiving. One day you’re a jobbing poet, beneath the notice of the literati. The next day you have produced a piece of work and suddenly you are the latest sensation. The irritating thing is that the piece of work that has propelled you briefly to the heights is, in your own considered opinion, neither better nor worse than anything else you’ve been producing for the last decade or so.

Indeed your period of…

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