How an editor at a publisher acquires a book – by Christine Pride…

on Nathan Bransford:

Greetings writerly people!

I’m so happy to be here in this great community my friend Nathan has built to offer semi-regular posts about the publishing industry. For the last two decades, I’ve worked as a book editor at various Big Five houses, as a freelance editor and ghostwriter, and in October will be publishing my first novel, We Are Not Like Them.

I wear a lot of hats which means I have a lot to share when it comes to what’s happening behind the scenes in the publishing world.

Many people have confessed to me that the industry can feel opaque and intimidating. Writers can spend a lot of time trying to get in the heads of agents and editors to work out what they’re thinking, doing, and expecting and what it then means for your career or work in progress.

My goal is to give you insider insights and knowledge about the industry and tips and lessons about craft. I’m a firm believer that the more you know, the better you’re able to put your best foot forward in creating a saleable project, getting an agent, working with an editor, networking in the publishing community, and, ultimately, setting yourself up for publishing success.

In this post I’m going to cover:

  • What it’s like working at a publishing house
  • The agent to editor submission process
  • What catches an editor’s eye
  • Why an editor passes
  • How an editor gets approval to acquire a book
  • Negotiating a book deal

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