First Line Fiction (1)

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This first line of a fictional short story was suggested by blogger and author, Jim Webster.

Bertram was slowly discovering that being dead for administrative reasons was not perhaps the success he had hoped.

It had seemed like a very good idea at the time. The six lottery numbers had come up, and the bonus ball. Not exactly a bumper jackpot week, but six million was enough to keep him very comfortable during his remaining years. Winning had its drawbacks though. Even refusing publicity, people were surely going to find out. Buy a new car, move to a bigger house, and someone was eventually going to notice. The begging letters would follow, and worse still the darker episodes in his past would undoubtedly surface.

Those ex-wives would be queuing up with their hands out, and he could think of a few young women who might be approaching the newspapers…

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8 thoughts on “First Line Fiction (1)

  1. Chris, you forgot something very important.
    Ollie is of sovereign descent. The Sharpei were once dogs at the court of the Chinese emperors. So Ollie lives in Beetley in exile, so to speak, like the Dalai Lama. :-)) xx Michael
    P.S.: Maybe he got a few more wrinkles since he moved to the UK. Lol

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