Sunshine and elegant living

Do NOT try this at home šŸ˜±

Tallis Steelyard

I suppose it was Ansi Tweelmore who was the inadvertent ā€˜sparkā€™ that ignited this particular movement. She wished to abscond with her lover. In preparation for this she had been quietly defrauding her employer of a considerable quantity of cash. Finally she had sold the house in which she lived with her husband and children. This specific financial transaction had the potential to be particularly embarrassing as they were merely tenants. She intended to cover her traces by leaving a trail of chaos behind her.

It must be said that I know a number of people who seem to follow a similar policy. Take my friend Lancet Foredecks. As a performance artist he seems to pass casually through life, shielded from retribution by the pandemonium he can leave in his wake. Still, Ansi Tweelmore was more calculating in her planning and when comparing her to Lancet, this may have beenā€¦

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