The Daughter of Monster Maker Fun Needs Fuel!

Call over to Charles’ original blog post and leave your made up monster names 😃

Legends of Windemere

Frankenstein’s Lab

This is always a fun challenge for me to do every October.  It tends to take a few weeks to set up as well because I don’t have as much free time as I used to.  So, I’m going to get some suggestions now.  This way everything will be nice and ready for the second scariest month of the year.  First is April because it’s when taxes are due and has Passover where pizza isn’t allowed.  Terrifying.

So, what is Monster Maker Fun?  It’s quite simple.

  1. In the comments, you give me 3 made up words.  Total gibberish.
  2. Then I create a post in October (Fridays this year) and turn those words into monsters.
  3. Each beastie will get a paragraph that describes their look, habits, and whatever else springs to mind.
  4. I add a link to your blog (and possibly book if you have one) on that post…

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