#Writephoto Round-Up – Community

We’re all in this together Poem for heatwave covid days 👍


We’re all in this together
At least that’s what they say
Yet this is often forgotten
As people go about their day to day

The overworked receptionist
Who comes across a little rude
Takes it out on the next patient
Without meaning too

The taxi that’s turned up late
Making you miss that meeting
You ignore his apology
And don’t return his greeting

The stressed-out mum shopping
With 3 lively kids in tow
Couldn’t she do this through the week?
Just watch the other shoppers eyes roll

It only takes a second
To stop and take a breath
Give someone a second chance
They are probably trying their best

There’s no magic crystal ball
That tells you all about their life
Perhaps they are having a hard time
Living a life full of strife

Your kindness may go unnoticed
Or it may just make their day
But what harm is…

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