The Orchidaceous Maljie

Even just the thought of Maljie paying a visit seems to miraculously restore the sickest of sufferers 😃

Tallis Steelyard

Every so often somebody will make a comment and you’ll let it pass over your head. And then, half an hour later, as you cross a busy street, the full impact of the comment strikes you and you’re nearly run down by a brewer’s dray as you forget to concentrate on what is happening around you.

It was just that a lady of my acquaintance used the phrase, “The Orchidaceous Maljie.” I stopped in the middle of Ropewalk, saying to myself, “There has to be a story in that.” Then I had to dive to one side as a great dray horse pushed past me. Given I haven’t seen that lady much recently and have no doubt that I am unlikely to bump into her in the near future, thus I abandoned speculation and merely concentrated on avoiding a team of increasingly irate equines.

But then I felt called upon…

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