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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Vintage princess phone by Dan AntionPrincess phone by Dan Antion

Hello, all. Welcome to my sanctuary — and to my so called break. Thanks to everyone for the terrific response to my “call for things.” Your random reader things will inspire and drive the next serial story of Teagan’s Books.

Before that, I askedGP Cox and Chris Graham, the Story Reading Ape to provide the kickoff sets of things. The thoughts those things inspired set the era of the future story. Asking a couple of people in advance let me put some limits on my general request to everyone. However, my inspiration was split. You see the culprit above, that princess phone. Thanks to Dan Antion for the photo.

That kind of phone first came out in 1959. In that year Jupiter AM-18 rocket launched two primates into space from Cape Canaveral along with living microorganisms and plant seeds…

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