The risks of Hedging

For those who might be interested, this tale features bronzed and muscular young men working stripped to the waist in the garden 😃

Tallis Steelyard

The city of Port Naain may at times present a visage formed of endless grim, smoke encrusted, streets but this is a façade. A ‘front’ presented to the sea so that visitors are not tempted to stop for long. The Partannese go home and tell their families, dupes, and co-conspirators what a dour and dreadful place the city is. After all, we don’t want them to feel at home, have you seen how they behave at home?
But once you penetrate through those smoke shrouded streets you enter Dilbrook and Three Mills where things are done differently. There are trees, gardens, pleasances, groves and indeed, hedges.

Now all these need looking after and whilst in some households, the gentleman of the house, with the assistance of a gardener, can cope with the work, there are other houses where things are done differently. I know one mage who uses sylphs to…

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