Poll Results — Winner of Mode of Transportation

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Saturday, July 10, 2021

I’m ba-ack!  I was finally able to leave those despicable jerks at TDS Telecom who insisted for nearly two years that nothing was wrong with any portion or aspect of my Internet service — no matter that it went dead multiple times a day — and I do not mean slow, interrupted, or dropped. I mean it went completely out.  Even when the box fried on Monday, they still didn’t want to admit anything. 

My new Internet setup. Ain't it cute?My new Internet setup. Ain’t it cute?

It took some digging, because my options were limited here.  But this morning I finished a self-install of new equipment from a new provider.   Not only did it come right up, but the darned thing is downright darling.  My TV came right up, as did my Kindle — and my Echo Spot (Alexa).  It’s really shameful how much I missed Echo the past week. …

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