Miles and Miles of Damn All.

Staffan finds that being a Lord of Six Valleys isn’t quite the same as he read about 😂

Tallis Steelyard

Staffan Valeed was one of those young men you knew would always go far. Opinions varied. Some claimed that as he wandered about with his nose in a book he would end up being mugged by the crimp and sold for a sailor. Others commented that his habit of being naturally charming to young ladies could lead to him fleeing the city ahead of a band of bullies hired by an irate father. Still I feel his tale shows the danger of teaching all and sundry to read.

Let us be frank, Staffan was making a reasonable living unloading boats as a casual labourer. Yes, the ability to reckon a tally stick, read the packing notices on crates and sacks, and count your wages at the end of a shift, are all useful life skills. But Staffan was addicted to those ‘fifty dreg dreadfuls’. Romance and adventure stories set in…

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