Writers, Do You Have Unsupportive Friends and Family? You’re Not Alone. – by Anne R. Allen…

I’m always amazed at how many people I know — friends who would go out of their way to help me physically — cannot say one supportive thing about my writing. Some even ask for one of my books and then never mention it again. Others make fun of the fact I’m a writer. “Yeah, but what do you do for a living?”

When I tell them I’ve written a blogpost about a subject that interests them, they make elaborate excuses for not reading it. Or they say “I’m not a blogger” as if that prevents them from reading online content.

Even after three bestsellers, a highly successful blog, and multiple awards. I have a lot of unsupportive friends who don’t acknowledge that I’m a writer. And I’ve discovered I’m not alone.

It turns out a whole lot of people can’t deal with having creatives for friends.

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11 thoughts on “Writers, Do You Have Unsupportive Friends and Family? You’re Not Alone. – by Anne R. Allen…

  1. Thats so true, and also very sad, to to have to determine this. The only advice that is still relevant is to repair cars, and in legal matters. Most people read – at least here – only the obituaries in the daily newspape,r and the soccer results. You British have made the latter impossible, for our people here. You see what a horror that is. Lol xx Michael

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  2. I can’t comment on Anne’s post because no matter what ID I try, it won’t connect. WP has so many issues lately.
    I wanted to say … Thanks so much for sharing this, Anne. Someone close to me is great at ‘murder by faint praise’. It killed one novel, which I finished but never sought to publish. Since then, I just don’t show any family or friends my work or even mention I have a book coming out. Honestly, sometimes it’s a wonder I ever kept on writing. This post is so wonderful because it lets me know I’m not alone or uniquely under appreciated (lols). Best wishes to all 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing, Chris 🙂

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    • Harmony–I apologize for the WordPress glitch. The elves seem to have been on a bender recently. They tossed two excellent comments in spam this week, and let some obvious spam through. But thanks for writing a comment here! I’m glad to reach the writers who don’t realize that family-friend indifference comes with the territory. And sometimes there’s outright hostility. Nothing is as hurtful as “murder by faint praise.” Stuff like “I read your little book. The setting is nice.” Grrr. I hope you can take another look at that novel. It may be a gem. Since envy is often the underlying culprit here, your “friend’s” comment might mean he simply envied your writing. 🙂

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