Story or Illustrations, Which Comes First? – by Karen Cioffi…

on Writers on the Move:

While most authors know the answer to the title question, which comes first in picture books, the story or the illustrations, some newbies don’t.

The story should be written first then the illustrations should be created to enhance each scene (page or spread).

My reason for writing this article is because of a rewrite client I had. She created her own illustrations, which were good, but she wrote the story around her illustrations.

The sole purpose of the story was to describe the illustrations through a very weak storyline.

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3 thoughts on “Story or Illustrations, Which Comes First? – by Karen Cioffi…

  1. As with anything, there are exceptions. A few of my short stories were inspired by an illustration that I had drawn. So, not exactly a picture book as the article’s main focus, it is possible for a picture to become the catalyst.

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