The Human Condition

Casar Mire – one of Port Naain’s forgettables 🤔

Tallis Steelyard

I suppose one can become jaded, but frankly I find watching people ensures that I am never bored. Irritated perhaps. But still, never bored.
I was sitting watching the sun rise over Exegesis Square. This is something I find myself doing more than I would like but you know what it’s like. A patron summons you to organise an event. You give of your best. You suggest not merely good people to entertain her guests, you ensure that they are people who can work harmoniously together. Yes I know that there are some who feel that a function doesn’t come alive until a flautist assaults the third trombone with a plate of vol-au-vents. Or in one case I well remember, a singer of syrupy sentimental ballads attempted to drown a harpsicord player in the punch bowl. But whilst the guests might be briefly diverted, it is myself as organiser who…

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