New Serial Preparation — Transportation

Please call over and let Teagan know what mode of transportation you want to see in the new serial? 😃

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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Jill Wellington Pixabay Jill Wellington at Pixabay

Hello, everyone.  As most of you know, the blog serial I’ve been writing for the past two years, ended last weekend.  You can find The Delta Pearl conclusion here.  I’m taking a short break from blog-serial writing — but not a break at all, generally. 

Anyhow, my next serial will be full-on pantsering.  I’ll fly by the seat of my pants.  Every aspect of the new serial will be driven by “random reader things.”  However… I suddenly realized that I didn’t want to give up shouting All aboard! at the beginning of episodes.  So, I want to make sure there is a transportation element from the beginning.  Today I’m asking you to vote on it.  Together we’ll choose a mode of transportation that will figure prominently in the story.

Ready?  Please Vote

Cablemarder PixabayCablemarder at Pixabay

It’s really important that you…

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