Cleaning windows

Meet one of Port Naain’s premier inventors, Stillitoe Cloudwiller 😃

Tallis Steelyard

Engraving of the Cloudwiller Patented Extendable Ladder

I confess that I have never had a professional relationship with a window cleaner. This isn’t a matter of policy but of pure chance. After all, I live in a barge. Our windows, portholes or whatever, are all at a sensible height. I can clean them all in less than half an hour. Similarly window cleaners rarely seem to hire poets to perform on significant birthdays.

Still I am happy enough to pass the time of day with them as I pass by. Indeed I’ve always enjoyed listening to them singing their traditional window cleaner songs as they work. Strangely these songs became briefly fashionable with Grarrat’s opera, ‘The Window Cleaner.’ It told the tale of a young window cleaner who caught a glimpse of a beautiful maiden as he cleaned a window and fell in love with her. He returned next day…

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