Don’t feed the mimes

A look at one of Port Naain’s sayings 😱

Tallis Steelyard

When I was a child on the streets of Port Naain, there was a phrase that struck with me, ‘You’ve been feeding the mimes again.’ This was a way of saying that you were in trouble and had brought it upon yourself. I confess that I never thought a lot about it. But then I remember a very old man, when asked his age, merely replied, “I saw the mimes leave.” Now I knew that they hadn’t left, or if they had, they’d come back. So, idly curious, I tried to find out the story of the mimes, how they came to leave, and why you mustn’t feed them. This is the story.

It starts with Tarran Driftwrack. He was a man of strong opinions. He was a prosperous broker, consignor, and even lent some money without formally being a usurer. It seems that he showed to the world an…

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