Brides, blushing or otherwise

Marriage Rites, Port Naain style 😃

Tallis Steelyard

In Port Naain, people get married. This can be done comparatively simply and cheaply at the Hall of Records. All the happy couple need do is sign the paperwork, pay over one vintenar, and you are married. Notice of the wedding is posted widely on various official noticeboards and anybody who objects, like another spouse, has a month to raise formal objection. The objection is investigated and if upheld, the marriage is void and one or both parties may then be prosecuted for bigamy, or other offences.

Still, these problems are not everyday occurrences and most marriages cause no administrative complications. Indeed even the couple who cannot afford a vintenar need have no fears. There is a small charitable fund which will pay the money. So no couple can claim they cannot afford the paperwork. There is little ceremony, the clerk filling the forms in will normally congratulate the couple…

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2 thoughts on “Brides, blushing or otherwise

    • A vicar I know (he’s now retired) had it happen three times to him. Twice it was mistaken identity but the third time it was genuine, and the wedding had to be halted. One of the parties was already married

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