Wednesday Writing — Settings and Terms

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Journey 6, The Fluting Fell CharactersJourney 6, The Fluting Fell Characters

Hello, all.  I have two seemingly unrelated words for today: fell and symmetry.


Since I’ve always lived in the USA, some things that sound unusual or unique to me, might seem ordinary to people living in the United Kingdom or Europe.  However, I’m talking about my own process.  Years ago, I was intrigued by some terms used by fantasy author Tad Williams.  At first I thought they were a made up part of his fantasy world, but I quickly learned otherwise. (Yep, ever the research geek.)  Regardless, for me the reader, his use of unexpected terms added mental paragraphs to his one-word description.

In Dead of Winter, I used some unfamiliar real-world words, like “llyn” (in Wales, a lake or a pool). I could have used a modernized name for the witch elm tree, but I liked “wych”…

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