How To Title A Book: 13 Steps To Choosing A Title That Sells – By Dave Chesson…

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To write the title of a book, craft a title that is:

  • Enticing to potential readers
  • Relevant to your genre
  • Relevant to your story
  • Search engine friendly

Lots of writers struggle with how to title their book. There’s no shame in grappling with what your book title should be. It can be overwhelming to sum up your book in 1-5 words.

Second only to your book’s cover design, good book titles can lead to sales conversions and high discoverability on Amazon.

Having worked with publishing companies and multiple The New York Times bestselling authors, I’ve been a part of the NYT bestselling titling process on many occasions.

To help you craft the perfect title of your book, I’ll go through 13 actionable steps to choose a title that sells, as well as the crucial elements that every good title needs.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. Good book titles and why they work
  2. 4 crucial elements of the perfect book title
  3. Proven step-by-step process on how to title a book [13 steps]
  4. Advanced resources and tactics to help

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