Fetterman Massacre – A True Story

History always has at least two sides😎

Andrew Joyce

William J. Fetterman

The Day: 21 December 1866, as the White Man counts time. The temperature hovers just above freezing, and there’s a thin cover of snow on the ground.

Colonel Henry B. Carrington sits in his office at Fort Phil Kearny reading the latest dispatch from the War Department when there is a knock on the door. Without looking up, he calls out, “Enter.”

Sergeant Bower seems nervous. “Sir, we’re getting low on wood.”

“What? We just had a detail out last week.”

“No, sir. That was almost two weeks ago. We lost four men.”

“I know how many men were killed, Sergeant.”

“Yes, sir. But with the weather we’ve been having lately, we’re using up firewood at a faster pace.”

“Any Indians lurking about?”

“No sign of any, sir.”

“Then organize a detail, but I want an officer to lead it. Get that new man, Grummond.”

“Yes, sir.”

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